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Wholesale & White Label Services

White label PPC Management & SEO Services

“Affordable PPC and Wholesale SEO reseller services for Web designers, Digital Marketing Agencies, Business Coaches & More”

Wholesale Services Include: Discounted Pricing, White Labeling, No Fixed Contracts, High Quality Campaign Setups, Active Campaign Management, Inbound Lead Generation, Complete Confidentiality, Detailed Reporting & 24 hour Support.

Available Platforms Include:

  • Google AdWords 
  • Google Display Network: Branding Campaigns, Display Ads & Remarketing
  • Local SEO & Google My Business Listings
  • General SEO 
  • Web Content, Blogging & Copywriting


✔  Confidentiality and Client Ownership – The client and results of campaigns exclusively belong to you. Your client will never be aware of our existence.

✔  High quality inbound lead generation & for your clients via their phone, email & website.

✔  The ability to offer Google marketing services under your brand if you are not currently doing so. This includes being able to offer the full extent of what is available on Google’s paid platform: (Google Adwords, Google Display Network, Remarketing, etc), as well as the non paid channels (Local SEO, Google Maps, Google My Business Listings & General SEO).

✔ White Labeling Available – Monthly campaign reporting and updates done under your brand.

✔  Grow your firm and diversify your company’s sources of revenue (without taking on additional overhead expenses & in-house hiring risks).

✔  Hi profit potential – Wholesale pricing is extremely affordable, allowing lots of room for markup at your discretion. 

✔ Support from Google Head Office – As an active Google Advertising Agency, OGM Digital, LLC is afforded support by Google’s head office for any campaign under our management. This provides an additional layer of vetting and oversight to ensure that all campaigns are performing to the highest extent possible.

What is White Label PPC Management?

A B2B engagement that enables firms to acquire Google advertising management/lead generation services on a wholesale level & re-brand/resell those services as their own. (From a qualified 3rd party, platform include Google AdWords, Google Display Network, Remarketing & more)

An example of a common white label setup: 

Superstar Web Design built a local roofing and pressure washing website for their new client, XYZ Roofing.


A few weeks later, XYZ Roofing mentions to Superstar Web Design that they want their website to generate more inquiries, customers & visibility in their local market.


Superstar Web Design suggests they try a Google Adwords Campaign for a month in order to resolve the issue & connect their website/business phone with local buyers.


XYZ Roofing, already knowing and trusting Superstar web design agrees to a one month trial. Superstar Web Design charges them $550 per in management fee (This covers the account build and first month of AdWords & lead generation management).


Superstar web design contacts the wholesale services team at OGM Digital, LLC & purchases an Adwords campaign at $250 (Wholesale Price).


One week later, the campaign has been built according to specifications & is ready for review. After approval, it is turned on with ads being served to people actively searching for roofing/pressure washing services in XYZ Roofing’s local area.


Superstar web design makes the difference between  $550-$250= $300 USD pure profit each month the campaign is continued.*

*What Superstar Web Design charges their retail client in the above scenario (XYZ Roofing, $550 a month) for Google Adwords PPC management is entirely up to them. Wholesale pricing for PPC campaigns is typically around $250 per month, allowing lots of room for markup. Common retail management fees range from $500-$1500 a month for high quality PPC management. 


For more details & our complete wholesale pricing/deliverables list please Contact us.